Both locals and foreign visitors to South Africa are privy to the low costing and high quality of dentistry in South Africa

Both locals and foreign visitors to South Africa are privy to the low costing and high quality of dentistry in South Africa. In the event that you would require immediate intervention for a dental emergency, then you know you would be in good hands. The most common reason for a dental emergency for aesthetic reasons would be a chipped tooth. This really happens as unforeseen. Nobody plans to chip their tooth. This is even worse if you are on holiday in another country. Good news for those who happen to chip their tooth while on holiday in South Africa. Cosmetic dentistry South Africa is one of the best places in the world to have dental work done. This is for both cosmetic and repair dental work. Repair work can be scheduled to be done at any time. South Africa could be your option to get this done is because the country has a good reputation of high level service at affordable pricing. But back to the cosmetic dental work. So you are enjoying your time in the country, when suddenly you chip your tooth. It is unsightly and you want to get this fixed as soon as you can. Luckily for you, cosmetic dentistry South Africa can be done in an emergency visit. Your 2 options in this case would be dental fillings or dental onlay.

The first option is the cheaper one. With cosmetic dentistry South Africa, you would receive the composite filling. This is made out of resin type material. It can be matched to the exact shade of your tooth. This is softer type material, so once the colouring is correct, it will be applied to the chipped portion of the tooth. For this type of cosmetic dentistry South Africa, the dentist will first have to numb out the area around the tooth receiving the filling. It takes a couple of minutes for the numbness to reach full capacity. It is during this point that the dentist handles the filling colouring. Once ready, the soft mixture goes onto the chipped portion of the tooth. This will then be hardened by way of a dental light. The hardness will be in relation to that of a normal tooth. Once hardened, the dentist will file down the filling to match the shape to what lost during the accident that caused the chip. You are then ready to go. The numbness will be gone within hours and is really the only side effect of this option for cosmetic dentistry South Africa. With an onlay, the process is a bit different. There is no numbing needed but it is a bit more expensive as well. This cosmetic dentistry South Africa option starts with an impression taken of the chipped tooth. The dentist will then design an onlay with special software. The specifications with the aid of the software and the impression means that the measurements are down to the exact detail. The onlay will then be made in office. This is the replacement for the missing part of the tooth. It is made out of porcelain material and can also be manipulated into any colour. It is then bonded onto the tooth with the aid of a dental light making it a permanent fixture. Both options, although different, will have you leaving the dentist, without the slightest hint of there ever having been a chip.