Best Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Edmonton

Looking for marijuana dispensaries in Edmonton? Here’s a list of the top medical and recreational dispensaries in Alberta’s capital.

Jupiter Sherbrooke

Location: Jupiter Whyte – 10408 Whyte Avenue, Edmonton

Jupiter Sherbrooke – 11839 St. Albert Trail, Edmonton

Jupiter 97, 12841 – 97 Street, Edmonton

Jupiter Westpoint Square, 17547 – 100 Avenue, Edmonton

Jupiter Fort Road, 13572 Fort Road, Edmonton

Jupiter is a family-owned and operated dispensary business. It was federally integrated on April 20, 1982. They sell a wide range of cannabis-related products, from rolling papers, scales, water pipes, vapes and a remarkable variety of high-quality glass. They have a fashionable store, friendly staff, and amazing customer service.

Canheal Medical Clinic

Location: 10430 61 Avenue NW, Suite 208, Edmonton, AB T6M 1T2

Canheal is a registered medical clinic, specializing in the creation, administration, and support of medical cannabis care plans. They work with an array of healthcare providers to create effective, straightforward and easy-to-use care plans for an expanding range of conditions and symptoms.

Once you are scheduled to meet with Canheal, one of their experts will provide you with medical cannabis education. Together, you will decide which licensed producer is ideal for your needs, and you will go through the various ways to administer your medication, timelines with shipping and delivery, and any legalities and safety measures that are necessary for you to know when using medical cannabis.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics

Location: 6801 170 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4W4

Canadian Cannabis Clinics is dedicated to assisting patients experiencing various conditions in managing their symptoms by using medical marijuana. They are passionate to teaching patients, doctors and the general populace on how to use medical marijuana properly. They partnered with various researchers in developing the knowledge concerning the medical use of marijuana.

Farmacy Edmonton

Location: 3055A Scott St, Victoria, BC

Farmacy is physically based in Victoria BC but they can do shipping all over Canada. Farmacy is selling a wide selection of medical marijuana and is considered as one of Canada’s finest and largest seller of cannabis-related products. They offer CBD products, edibles, concentrates, capsules, and flowers.

Patients of Farmacy can select from 100 various cannabis products, which are specially made for easy consumption for specific conditions, including fibromyalgia, Tourette syndrome, Alzheimer’s, HIV-related peripheral neuropathy, incontinence, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, Pruritus, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and Huntington’s disease.

Green Room

Location: 8126 Gateway Blvd. Edmonton, AB

The Green Room has been known as the forerunner when it comes to information and supply within the developing medical marijuana industry. They put forward comprehensive, well-regulated access to first-rate and safe marijuana as a legal and effective healthy form of treatment for every Canadians who are badly looking for relief from distress and pain to promote good quality of life and the capacity to go on as a useful member of society.