Are dental implants painful at this stage of the game?

Getting dental implants is not a once off procedure. It takes months to complete. The end result though, is a brand new tooth or set of teeth. But what is the process actually like and are dental implants painful.

The first visit to the dentist will see the patient being given a run through of the implant process and to ascertain as to whether they are a likely candidate. You see, an implant can only be placed if there is enough of healthy bone material along with gums in good condition so no bacteria will fester and lead to problems later on.

The second visit to the dentist will be when the implant is actually placed into the jaw. Are dental implants painful at this stage of the game? The actual insertion will not be painful, due to the sedation that the patient will be under. The few days afterwards is another matter. The pain is not extreme but patients will need to take some time to rest and allow for the healing of the gum to begin and for the implant screw to find its footing in the bone. Taking pain killers will help take away this pain, and in a few days you will be as good as new. It will help to bring down any fears you may have on the issue of, are dental implants painful, to take up the process with the right dentist. They should be further educated in the field, with design experience in the cosmetic dentistry sector and bring in a level of international exposure.

The third visit to the dentist will be months later to check up on the status of the implant and its positioning stability. If all is good, it is on to the final step, fitting in the crown. Are dental implants painful at this stage? Quite the opposite. This is the exciting part, when you would be getting the crown which will from now on, be your new tooth. Implants are considerably easier to clean since the porcelain material used to make the crown does not stain or decay.