Is Chronic Neck Pain Keeping You Up?

Chronic neck pain can wreak havoc on your health and happiness. It can prevent you from sleeping well, working efficiently, and enjoying your life. If you are suffering from chronic neck pain in Monroe NJ, it is important for you to identify the cause of the pain. Once you do that, you can develop a plan to treat it. Chronic neck pain doesn’t have to interfere with your quality of life!

Identify the Cause

There are many different potential causes of chronic neck pain. It may be something as simple as your sleeping position, or the angle of your computer screen. Or, it can have something to do with your posture. If you have been in an accident or suffered an injury recently, your neck pain could be due to whiplash or even a broken collarbone. Sometimes, neck pain is actually back pain or shoulder pain in disguise, as pain in these areas can also radiate to the neck. In rare cases, neck pain can be due to throat or neck cancers.

Treating Your Chronic Neck Pain Naturally

There are many different ways to treat chronic neck pain in Monroe NJ. Physical therapy practiced diligently can work wonders in treating neck pain. Other treatments include massage, yoga, and tai chi. Changing personal habits can also be very effective in treating chronic neck pain. Using the correct pillow, for example, and working to improve your posture, are simple ways to find relief. You may also want to examine your work habits to make sure your neck is properly aligned when working at your computer or doing other tasks at your desk for long periods of time.

Additional Treatments for Chronic Neck Pain

If the above approaches prove ineffective, there may be other, potentially more invasive treatments for your neck pain. Your doctor may prescribe drugs to treat your pain, such as muscle relaxers and opioids. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary in order to relieve chronic neck pain. Make sure to discuss the various options with your doctor to find out if these interventions are right for you.

Preventing Neck Pain in the Future

Unfortunately, some people find they are plagued with chronic neck pain no matter what they do. However, there are ways to ensure the pain is minimal. Make sure to keep up with any physical therapy regime recommended to you. Always use proper form when lifting and carrying, as back injury can trigger neck pain. Visit your healthcare provider regularly in order to “check in” about your pain, and note any changes.

Anyone with chronic neck pain can attest to its debilitating effects. However, advances in care and treatment have provided sufferers with many different options to choose from when seeking relief. Don’t let chronic neck pain interfere with your quality of life! Call your doctor today, and reclaim your well-being!